OLPC Introduces New Products For Child Centric Learning.

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oliverIn a bid to create learning experiences that unleash a child’s creativity, One Laptop per Child Association(OLPCA), a not for profit organisation based in Miami, has introduced new educational products to foster child centric learning.

One Laptop per Child(OLPC)is an internationally recognized project supported by Miami based, One Laptop Per Child Association.The association seeks to provide modern education to children through a modern device.

The Association is driven by the desire to prepare children to be full citizens of the emerging world and the best preparation is to develop the passion for learning and the ability to learn how to learn.

Recently the organization introduced three new products: XO Learning System, an Android Compatible software suite for child centric learning. This product is available by license to computer manufactures, governments, NGO’s and content providers for instance book Publishers. Other products include XO Tablet and a fourth generation iconic green and white laptop with both a keyboard and a multi-touch screen using Neonode Technology.

The organization works together with like minded Nonprofit Organizations to offer support to parents and teachers and help them make informed decisions about Media .Common Sense Media for instance offers more than 18 000 media ratings and reviews based on both robust educational research and child development guidelines.XO Learning also offers a full range of parental controls and user IDS for up to three children,a dashboard where the child or parent can review usage,types of content and the skills the child is developing.The device switches from English to Spanish and additional languages will be available in future releases.

In addition to helping to curate the XO Learning content, Common Sense Media has also provided Digital Passport™ an interactive learning environment designed for students in grades 3-5 to teach them how to safely navigate a technology-enhanced world, to the XO Learning platform. Digital Passport™ is already available in classrooms via OLPCA XO laptops in the U.S. and internationally.
“OLPCA and Common Sense Media share the same vision of a world in which all kids have access to the limitless learning opportunities that technology provides,” said Amy Guggenheim Shenkan, president and COO, Common Sense Media. “By using ratings and reviews from Common Sense Media to inform XO Learning, OLPCA has created a product that will point kids towards the highest quality digital media products available, and will go a long way to ensure our kids are well-prepared to grow, thrive, and succeed in the 21st century.”

A clear manifest of their desire can be traced in Kenya at Imani Primary School where 6 LPCS were purchased through the Give-One-Get-One (G1G1)programme and at Asilong Primary School in West Pokot where 100 solar powered XO laptops were deployed.These programmes are replicated in a dozen other countries.

Look out for more OLPC ventures as it prepares to launch more products to empower children.

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