Twitter Turns Seven Today | Says Thank You For Creativity

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Seven_years_of_tweets__Twitter7Since the launch of Twitter 7 years ago, today the company has grown to over 200 million active users with 400 million tweets being posted on daily basis. The company commemorated the day with an awesome video showcasing the growth from the first tweet, retweet and tweet, the first tweet from the universe, world cup, use of twitter in Egypt during Arab revolution, Japan earthquake, London Olympics and on top #KOT.

According to Karen Wickre (@kvox Editorial Director @Twitter Jack first first tweeted today  and now Twitter has become homw to millions of users with over 200 million active users creating over 400 million Tweets each day.

Wickre in a blog post said, “As we’ve grown, Twitter has become a true global town square — a public place to hear the latest news, exchange ideas and connect with people all in real time. This is where you come to connect with the world at large. Get on your soapbox to critique elected officials, or go sotto voce to the neighbor next to you. And as in other gathering places, commerce happens too (and jokes and art-making and debating, and — you get the idea).”

This global town square even extends into space: an astronaut like Commander Chris Hadfield can express himself — and so can Captain Kirk. And we can all enjoy the moments when they connect with each other:

Watch this video here celebrating some of the many moments on Twitter so far and thanking you for your creativity, curiosity and experimentation on Twitter.

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