Introducing Kenya’s SmartShop | Making Online Shopping Smart

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smartshopSmart-Shop -, a Pivot East Finalist is a mobile and web based application set to introduce seamless mobile shopping in Kenya.
Buy On Mobile Under Your Budget, Have It Delivered
Developed by Muva Technologies, a mobile development company, SmartShop  offers mobile based shopping where clients can use their mobile phones to see products with their products and buy them in real-time without breaking their pockets.
The application adds together the goods prices enabling one to stay on budget, has remote ordering and enables special deliveries to homes , offices and strategic pick-up points.

Shit They Are Solving

Evans Ndegwa, the founder Muva Technologies, told TechMoran, “Being able to budget and compile shopping needs is still a hassle which leads to much impulse buying as by customers as well as long queues which are undesirable for the retail outlets”

“Home based shopping is still not possible in Kenya for lack of a management platform that would link the customer to the retail outlet of choice,” he added.

Retail Outlets Integrated Into ERP

SmartShop delivers a customizable platform which retail outlets can plug into their ERP systems to securely offer the ability for real time prices, special orders and customized delivery options.

The founder told TechMoran they are now looking for strategic partnerships with interested parties such as handset manufacturers, telcoms, supermarkets, investors to scale and market their product.

$10K For Marketing

They are also ready to do relevant advertisements that are market targeted  to suit their audience and ease adoption in the first phase. Then in the second phase of roll out, special orders and deliveries will be mass introduced.

At the moment, SmartShop is looking for $10,000 to take over the market.

Ready To Sign Up Retail Stores
Supermarkets  and retail chains like Tuskys, Nakumatt, Naivas, Ukwala, Uchumi, Mr. Price, Enkarasha will be the first to target in their phase one of roll out because of their huge clientele.
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