Nigeria Welcomes | A Rocket Internet-Backed Online Auto Classified Portal

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carmidoWith just 346 vehicles, a Rocket Internet-backed online auto classifieds portal might not be the biggest in the country, neither is it the best.

But just by faith and mere determination Carmido is calling itself the Nigeria’s number one vehicle’s marketplace. Looks like arrogance or maybe because it is new, blue in colour and free to list.

Buyers sign up on the site, browse though the website’s car listings or property listings as Carmido calls it then when you find a car you want to buy, get in touch with the seller by email or call then sit down to do your business.

Carmido is the latest entrant into Nigeria’s online classifieds auto marketplace. Carmido, allows users to buy cars from individual sellers and car dealers across Nigera.

Carmido will square it out with the country’s leading online auto classifieds portal One Africa Media’s Cheki.  Up and coming online auto classifieds sites like Nigeriacarmart,, and might not feel the heat as are not as popular.

According to Carmido buyers using the portal will reach millions of people immediately, but this can not be the case with its present less than 400 vehicles on the site but for sure  in future seller  might reach millions of potential buyers. Carmido sellers get contacted directly via e-mail or phone when anyone wants to buy their car but is not unique as that’s how all the auto marketplaces in Nigeria work.

Still, there is nothing new, just like other portals, Carmido also promises that their team can help sellers list as many vehicles as they like and they can help them develop their car dealership business by becoming a Carmido “Trusted Seller” complete with a full company webpage.

But what will a seller benefit selling on a site with barely no vehicles. What choice will a buyer have on a portal with a mere 400 vehicles?

For Carmido to be Nigeria’s number one vehicles marketplace, someone needs to go out and get as many cars listed on the site, motorcycles will follow suit.

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