Kenya: Communication Commission of Kenya and police are ordered to restore 999 emergency numbers

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The Kenyan High court has given a notification to the Communication Commission of Kenya ( CCK),the police and mobile phone service providers up until end of July to month to reinstate the 999 emergency response number.

The orders were made after Okiya Omutatah filed a case. Omutatah asked the court to order the National Police Service to offer a toll free number 999 emergency response  and that they should give reason why the number has not been functioning in the past.

Omutatah prosecuted the NPS, Attorney General, Independent Oversight Authority, Communication Commission of Kenya, the Commission for Implementation of the Constitution, Yu mobile, Orange, Airtel and Safaricom.

The defendants informed the Kenyan High court that they had had two meeting to discuss the service restoration potentials and requested more time for the discussions.

Justice Majanja inquired the defendants to file in court the minutes of the two meeting they have held. Omtatah had voiced his concern to the court that Kenya is currently under the control of insecurity and the toll free 999 police emergency response number is invalid.

He also alleged that the lack of a toll free number is the result of police abandoning their duties to stop and fight crime.

Omtatah stated that during the gang attack in Akobwait village of Teso South district in Busia County, he had no option but to call the inspector General of NPS and CID director on their personal mobile.

“Although crime prevention is the priority for police, it is not the sole responsibility of officers but of all citizens, “he added.

He said by not having a police emergency response number is a dangerous gap which would not be allowed to undermine Kenya’s disaster preparedness. He also added that it’s the right of Kenyans to expect the highest professional standards from the police service.

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