Zambian MPs Vote for a Paperless Parliament

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The Zambian parliament is now set on going digital and it now pushing Parliament to go paperless by allowing lawmakers to use their mobile phones, laptops and iPads instead of paper to conduct business in the House.


“Allow us to use our cell phones, laptops and iPads, as we are in a technological and information age. We are tired of hiding the equipment when we are in the House,” Said Ronnie Shakipwasha the Member of Parliament of Keembe.


The Member of Parliament, who was contributing to a debate on the Parliamentary Reforms and Modernization, said that it was not compulsory to limit the use of electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops and iPads in the House.


The electronic gadgets, he said are important, giving the example of Rwanda, where Parliament has already gone paperless. He argued the Zambian government to follow Rwanda’s example in using the devices.

Shikapwasha was supported by several Members of Parliament, including the Minister of Finance, Alexander Chikwanda, who equally called for reforms of the Zambian Parliament.

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