LG Introduces Digital Signage TV In Kenya

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LG East Africa has introduced the LG EzSign TV in Kenya giving users a smart commercial display solution.

EZSign TV is the first LG digital signage solution to incorporate live TV without additional hardware.

According to Josep Kim, the Managing Director, LG East Africa, he quoted saying  “It is a turnkey solution that offers business owners an intuitive and cost-effective digital signage display system with the added feature of broadcast television.”

With the  EzSign TV,comes other features such as high defination pictures and it is users friendly such that the users can customize it to their desired needs.It can also be used in many places such as banks, Airports, e.t.c. The new release was due to need to keep up with the changing digital signage and the audio-visual communication.

Mr Kim also said that, “Content creation is simple, as owners use a personal computer to access a selection of attractive templates, add their own images and text, and then upload the content to the display via a USB drive.”

Likewise, the  content runs simultaneously with live TV or another external media source, attracting attention while delivering messaging to consumers.It therefore acts like a one stop  source of information to the consumers.This  innovation is plug-and-play by design, with user-friendly software that includes 53 templates for easy content design.

The EzSign screens are available in varying sizes, ranging from 32-inch to 55-inch displays.

With the EzSign TV package, business owners create and run their own messages and graphics on the TV screen alongside the normal live broadcast. This enables businesses to manage adverts and information to their customers and entertain them at the same time.

“LG’s robust portfolio of commercial-grade display solutions helps businesses create an engaging experience and enhanced customer interactions,” said Mr. Kim.

Though EzSign TV is being introduced in East Africa,it was first introduced globally 2 years ago.It  has  therefore grown in popularity and expanded sales channels to include Direct Market Retailers (DMRs), IT integrators, dealers, installers and digital signage resellers hence its rising demand among various business entities.


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