Google In Plans To Offer Tracking Services For Stolen Android Phone

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Google has made it official that it is working on a new website that will allow users to locate their lost Android Smartphone.

They intend to make the Android Device Manager (ADM) accessible late this month. The ADM will either track a mobile phone’s location on a mapping service or cause the phone to ring loudly if you lost it in your own home.

The service will be available on devices running Android 2.2 or above and in order to use it, users also will need to be signed into their Google Account.

There will also be an Android app to allow users to easily find and manage their devices including the ability to remotely wipe handset data if the phone is stolen.

Apple and Windows Phone based devices have had a similar “location” facility for lost and stolen phones, and that has often lead to news articles about thieves being arrested after the iPhone was tracked to their home.

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