Namibia’s Leo Telecom Rebrands To TN Mobile

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The leading Namibian Telecom company which was  acquired by Telecom Namibia, Leo, has introduced its new brand TN Mobile which is stepping into the market and is well equipped with a wide range of both pre-paid and post-paid products as well as data bundles.

The new Telecom company says that its aim  is to support Namibians as they tap into the full potential of high-speed mobile data services.

“TN Mobile intends to help drive the nation’s access to the internet via mobile devices, this will allow the nation to tap into opportunities in education, personal improvement and industry, made possible by better and affordable internet accessibility,” said TN Mobile.

The company promises to offer the market outstanding new options as well as high quality and value-for-money mobile products together with attractive offers.

 “The landscape will certainly be seeing more of the TN mobile logo and smiling subscribers in all towns across all 14 regions of Namibia. TN Mobile intends to shake things up and change the Namibian mobile market, for the better,” they continued.


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