Procurement of Kenya Primary School Laptops in Progress

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Uhuru-KenyattaThe Kenyan President has revealed that the procurement process for the primary school laptop project has officially started, marking the first significant step towards realizing the promise his government made to the Kenyan people.

Speaking in Mombasa, President Uhuru Kenyatta said that the procurement process will be rigorous, cost-effective and accountable, while at the same time urging primary school managers to update their capacity to implement a technology-based curriculum as the government rolls out the laptop programme.

“My administration has embarked on the initiative to supply children commencing primary school with laptops,” said President Kenyatta.

He added that the laptop programme will see the birth of a new generation of Kenyans who will be able to compete in the global market, having been equipped with the necessary technological skills at the earliest possible stage of their lives.

“As far as child friendly initiatives go, nothing promises greater gains in our time. The laptops usher in new beginnings and an enormous birth. Please embrace them,” he added.

The president also said that the initiative will see electricity power connection in most remote primary schools rolled out for the first time ever, in a bid to address the power challenges that may face the students and teachers while using the laptops.

Since he announced his government’s decision to implement the one-laptop-per-child project, the Kenyan president has come under criticism from part of the public and the official opposition, with most of them terming it a misplaced priority.

This has however not deterred the government in carrying on with its plans, with Kenyan children in Standard One expected to have laptops come early next year, something that will make Kenya to be one of the few African countries to roll out such an initiative.

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