Sharp Unveils 90 Inches AQUOS LED TV For The First Time In South Africa

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Sharp has today launched the 90 inch AQUOS LED TV for the South African market, the world’s largest TV weighing 64 kg, 2 m wide, and 1.2 m high with a diagonal screen size of more than 2.2 m that is 90 inches.

According to Mr. Tsuneyoshi Miyake, DGM Consumer Electronics Division at Sharp Middle East FZE,“With thousands of televisions sold across the region, and a very strong appetite amongst South African customers for modern technology, we believe the 90 inch AQUOS LED TV completes our product offering in South Africa, now ranging from 60 inch to 90 inch TVs.”

The 90”AQUOS LED TV, with its X-Gen Panel Technology, has a number of features , the most intruguing of them is the 10 panel, also known as the X, it exhibits a superb image contrast quality which consumes low power. Another feature is the UV2A Technology,the TV uses a method in which UV light controls liquid crystal molecules to ensure uniform alignment. The result is a high precision picture and a deep black & fantastic white at Pico meter level.

Every AQUOS® SMART TV comes with Wi-Fi capabilities; meanng one does not have to worry about cabling and connections.

The Mobile HD Link (MHL) of the TV connects your mobile with your Sharp TV and uses the TV’s remote to control mobile apps and content. When connected to the system, your mobile receives power and is charged.

The user can change their view as it lets you switch from 3D to 2D anytime you wantand it also has 1080p HD resolution which doesnt requie you to sit far away from your AQUOS® LED TV like it is in other TVs.

You also do not have to keep changing the brightness of this TV as it will automatically adjust TV brightness for optimum viewing depending on your room ambiance which can save power. Sharp Optical Picture Control (OPC) uses a sensor in front of your TV to detect ambient room light.

The 90 inch AQUOS LED TV will be available through Sharp’s official distribution network across South Africa.

Sharp has recently taken over the TV market in the region and has reached a market share of more than 60 percent for the 60 inches and above TV segment.

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