CEO Weekends: Barclays And BotswanaPost in Prepaid Electricity Agreement

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Barclays Bank of Botswana and Botswana Post are set to provide the people of Botswana prepaid electricity to their clients.

This move is aimed at easing domestic electricity distribution problems from Botswana Power Corporation (BPC).

Botswana Post is one of the super vendors appointed by Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) to sell prepaid electricity. This was on the backdrop of BPC’s decision to convert its customer base from post paid to prepaid smart meters.

“As a result of this, Botswana Post and Barclays Bank of Botswana have partnered to sell a BPC – being prepaid electricity,” saidCornelius Ramatlhakwane, Head of Business Development in BotswanaPost.

He also added that BotswanaPost had started investing in thire Core IT infrastructure over two years ago.

“Optimizing and improving our technical capability to be able to harness technology in order to deliver first class services to Botswana nationwide.” He said.

The IT infrastructure  optimization was directed to making sure that the company counter at all post offices is fully automated such that all the transactions are centralized, as a result providing convenience and efficiency in serving our customers.

We also, later on, launched our POSOPAY e-commerce portal that allows us to provide service and sell products, both our products and our third party partner’s products on-line,” Ramatlhakwane said further.

The company started by selling prepaid electricity at the counter in all the post offices countrywide. Then strategically empowered the SMME by providing hand held POS (Point Of Sale) devices so that even in areas where there is no post office people can still access the service.

Ramatlhakwane also said that Barclays would sell prepaid electricity through their internet banking platform.

The BotswanaPost said: “Today we are celebrating our success in providing this convenience in partnership with Barclays Bank of Botswana, to sell prepaid electricity through their internet banking platform. This partnership means that all Barclays Bank customers can now benefit to buy electricity on-line, All you have to do is register to your internet banking service, follow the instruction as given by Barclays, and enjoy 24/7 convenience.

As one of the six super vendors of BPC to provide prepaid electricity, Botswana Post is excited that this partnership with Barclays makes us simply the best and indisputable leader in this game.

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