UNDP’s Social Good Summit In Rwanda Discussing Impact Of Technology & Social Media To Dev’t

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Social-Innovation Ongoing in Rwanda September 23-24, the three-day Social Good Summit brought together technology entrepreneurs, educationalists, dev’t agencies to discuss the impact of new media on development.

UNDP in Rwanda joined the conversation to look into the challenges likely to be faced by the next generation, and how it could address them. Youthful Rwandan entrepreneurs and leaders were also part of the summit to look at how technological innovations, social media and entrepreneurship can support Rwanda’s development.

During the summit young Rwandan entrepreneurs spoke of the journey’s they have had to inspire the nation and help the rest stand up to achieve for themselves and for their country and stimulate development.

With over 65 percent of Rwandans below 35 years of age, the Kigali Social Good Summit is a unique opportunity to discuss how technological innovations, social media and entrepreneurship can them to support Rwanda’s development. Four reputable universities were invited in the debate that wants to improve people’s quality of life and give them employment opportunities.

We shall get you a full report after the event.

Follow the debate using #socialgoodRW  or watch it live here.

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