Samsung’s Smartwatch Goes On Sale In South Africa

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The Galaxy Gear smartwatch, tagged as a companion device that combine smart device connectivity with tailored technological features as well as having a stylish design, will now be availed in South Africa.

“We are constantly listening to our customers and what our consumers want is their daily lives to be easier and more enjoyable,” says George Ferreira, vice-president and chief operating officer of Samsung Electronics Africa.“This commitment to our customers is once again reflected in our ongoing smart device innovation leadership and our new wearable device, the Samsung Galaxy Gear.”

Ferreira said the Galaxy Gear has filled the gap between the mobile device and fashion worlds which is creating wearable technology, and that it also frees users from the need to constantly check their smart devices.

This gear lets users stay connected to their Samsung Galaxy devices, as it notifies users of incoming messages, such as calls, texts, e-mails and alerts, delivers a message preview and creates the opportunity for users to accept or ignore messages.

When an incoming message requires more than a quick glance, users pick their Samsung Galaxy device and the Smart Relay feature will instantly reveal the full content on the screen.The built-in speaker allows users to conduct hands-free calls directly from the Gear.

“In addition to enabling smart device controls, Samsung GALAXY Gear introduces several features that help users easily capture life’s meaningful moments which otherwise might be missed,” adds Craige Fleischer, director of mobile communications at Samsung Electronics SA.

Some features he talked about include the Memographer feature,which is a 1.9 MP camera , it also has the Voice Memo which capture conversations from the wrist watch and save those recordings into texts on their galaxy devices.

The devices are available in  Jet Black; Mocha Gray; Wild Orange; Oatmeal Beige; Rose Gold; and Lime Green colors and will retail at $460.

It would be a nice thing if you would not need to carry your phone if you have the watch, but whats the point if one needs to carry both of them for one to work? Another thing about the watch is that it does not have the option of social media which is a key element in a smart devices not leaving out the fact that it is only compatible with Samsung Smartphones. The other thing that is really questionable is the price, for a device is highly dependent on another that’s a needle on the thumb.

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