Michael Jordaan Is Now Chairman Of the Board Mxit

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Former CEO of the First National Bank and recent recipient of the CNBC Africa Business Leader of the year, Michael Jordaan will soon become Mxit, chairman of the board.

“I have been watching Mxit with interest for several years now, It is difficult not to have a sense of pride about a home-grown South African company making such an impact in the social media and mobile space. It was an easy decision to join as chairman and I am looking forward to playing a part in the future of Mxit, both in South Africa and internationally,” he said.
Jordaan also said that the company has some world first innovations and that it is leveraging their technology to help people in the mobile education and healthcare in particular.
“Michael’s appointment is a great coup for us. I am sure he has been inundated with offers, and to become part of the Mxit team is a vindication of the direction we have taken and the innovation that is happening within Mxit,” says Mxit CEO Francois Swart.
With its active base of 7.4 million users, Mxit announced that the users spend an average of 95 minutes a day on social networking consequently making it the most engaging platform in South Africa.
The CEO, added that businesses and organisations can notice Mxit will be able to create record breaking advertising revenues because of its power to reach consumers.

According to Mxit’s monthly brand index, the top three brands on Mxit have well over a million followers, indicating that Mxit is a fertile ground for brand and social media engagement.

Since the ‘Mxit Launch’, the company is opening up even more of its services to agencies and brands. it has also made partners, like last year alone it partnered with Vodacom, SPAR, BlackBerry, Unilever, Mainstay and KFC have used Mxit Launch and joined the platform. In the run-up to the 2013 elections, political parties such as the ANC and Agang joined rival DA, which has been on Mxit since 2012.

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