Canada Entices SA Tech Entrepreneurs With Start-Up Visa

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Canada wants to tap into the growing talent of entrepreneurship in South Africa in their market as it is actively recruiting foreign entrepreneurs with a unique Start-up Visa Programme introduced by the Canadian government to assist qualified entrepreneurs interested in relocating to Canada.
“Innovation and entrepreneurship are essential drivers of our economy. We need people who can build companies that will create new jobs, spur economic growth and compete on a global scale, hence our new Start-up Visa,” said Jason Kenney,Canadian Immigration Minister.
So for those interested in the program, Mike Edwards, a Canadian tech entrepreneur and angel investor, will be visiting South Africa in November to meet potential candidates.
“Our objective is to identify and evaluate new software companies that have graduated from the incubator stage and have earned enough early-stage revenue to show that they are sustainable businesses. These are the business we feel would benefit from investment and relocating to Canada,” he said.Edwards explained that to be eligible for the Start-up Visa Programme, the Canadian government required them to obtain a minimum level of funding: CDN75,000 from angel investors and CDN200,000 from venture capital organisations.
He described the new Start-up Visa Programme as an amazing opportunity for entrepreneurs who are developing software and earning early-stage revenue. “It will enable them to gain access to the North American markets, receive critical funding, compete on a level playing field with other global developers, find a mentor and live in Canada so as to be close to the market.”

The western countries are noticing the amount of talent that Africans have and want to take advantage of that, so if the talented African creates something worth while will they come and take Africans to work there so as to benefit both countries or are they just making greener pastures for their people? What makes it worse is that they are looking for people who are past incubation stage, they do not have time to nurture people.

On the flip side it is a good venture into business in the developed nations, the great experience as well as the many other personal advantage, but what is bothering is who is going to develop Africa if we all want to have an experience of the businesses in the developed world, well, not unless one will come  back to invest. At the end of the day it all in the decision one makes.

One can apply through Every application will be assessed and if you qualify – or potentially qualify – you will be invited to meet Edwards and his team. Meetings will take place in; Cape Town on 18 Nov, Durban on 19 Nov and Joburg on 22 Nov.

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