Aggreko To Provide 20 MW Of HFO Power To Chad

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The world leader in provision of temporary power and temperature control services,  Aggreko, has signed contracts with Société Nationale d’Electricité (SNE) to deliver a 20 MW temporary power package, fueled using locally sourced HFO, to help curb power shortages which are currently affecting the country.

The Aggreko installation will bring much needed additional capacity to the local grid and will ensure a more robust and reliable power supply is delivered to the capital N’Djamena in order to help keep business and industry up and running and keep the lights on in the city.

“We are happy to be assisting SNE, the national utility of Chad in this important project,” commented Christophe Jacquin, Managing Director, Aggreko North and West Africa. “By delivering this large-scale, fast-track HFO power solution, we are helping to provide a more consistent and reliable power supply to the people of Chad.”

“The Aggreko power plant will give us the opportunity and time we need to address the power supply issues affecting N’Djamena,” commented Djerassem Le Bemadjiel, Minister of Energy, Republic of Chad. “Their unique ability to utilise locally sourced HFO and their strong track-record across Africa gives us the confidence that Aggreko are the right partner for this vital project.”

Aggreko provides power and temperature control solutions to customers who need them either very quickly, or for a short or indeterminate length of time. Theyhave 194 service centres which service the different customers. They call these centres the Local business, or globally through our Power Projects business.

In the Power Projects business, which also accounts for about half of our revenues, Aggreko operates as a power producer. They install and operate power plants and charge our customers both for providing the generating capacity, and for the electricity produced.

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