Asilia to Launch Black White Simple Platform to Help Just Anyone Set Up a Complex Portal in Minutes

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London-based design and digital agency, Asilia will tomorrow October 31 launch an online platform that’s set to change the way firms in Kenya’s and in the entire East Africa region build their online presence.

Dubbed Black White Simple, the online platform is designed to let users create websites quickly and simply with neither technical knowledge required, nor confusing barrage of options, features and plug-ins.

According to Andrew Mugoya, Technical Director of Asilia, “The idea for Black White Simple came about when we put together a simple, elegant site for a client, in about five minutes. She’s a singer who had no website, zero technical knowledge, no time, a non-existent budget, and no inclination to attempt a DIY site. We decided to let her work speak for itself, rather than try to create a fancy site that she didn’t have the resources for.

From this experience, we realised that although there were other DIY website platforms, there wasn’t one simple enough for a completely tech-averse demographic. Many of the existing platforms require some level of technical knowledge or design-awareness to be able to create an elegant website. Most of them can also be overwhelming with numerous features and configuration options to select from. Black White Simple was created to fill this gap in the market.”

Black White Simple will therefore help inpiduals and firms set up an online presence in an exciting way without the designy and techie bits.AsiliaThe platform works simply by allowing users to just fill in a short form and upload images or embed content and create an elegant website in minutes whether they are artists, designers, foodies, musicians, performers, photographers or writers. The firm believes that user’s talents should speak for itself and the process of sharing it online shouldn’t be a hindrance.

The team says there are many websites that overshadow the work they intend to showcase. Black White Simple is designed to flip this scenario, presenting an elegant canvas and frame that enables the work to take centre-stage. On a Black White Simple website users can upload images, video or audio files.

asilThe platform is available either as free or paid version. The free option ‘Playing the field’ gives users one website and is great for those starting out or testing an idea. The second option starts at KES 650 per month (or KES 6,500 per year) for five websites while the third option, the ‘Going steady’ package starts at KES 2,600 per month (or KES 26,000 per year) for 25 websites while the fourth and high-end option ‘Ball and Chain’ package starts at KES 9,750 per month (or KES 97,500 per year) for 150 websites.

Lulu Kitololo and Andrew Mugoya founded Asilia in 2010 in London. Later the same year, they set up shop in Nairobi.

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