Vine: available now for Nokia Lumia

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2_Vine_record_WXGABy Adam Fraser

Vine is now available to download for Nokia Lumia smartphones running Windows Phone 8.

As part of the Twitter family, Vine enables you to create short, looping videos that you can share with the world on Vine and through Twitter and Facebook if you connect your accounts.

Each video you create is the shortened form of something larger – a maximum of six seconds.

Creating short movies might seem like a challenge, but the Vine camera and community encourage people to bring out their creative side.

Time-lapse videos are one way to bring a unique vision to life.  In fact, it’s possible to get 140 taps (stops/starts) into any one Vine, achieving almost 24 frames per second.


Here’s a perfect example of a time-lapse video from accomplished Vine artist, Ian Padgham:


5_Vine_explore_WXGAGetting started with Vine

Use your Nokia Lumia to scan the QR code to the right of this article to download Vine from the Windows Phone Store.


Launch and sign into Vine using your Twitter credentials – or provide an email address.


Tap the camera icon on screen to start recording both video and audio. Holding the icon will record and releasing your finger will pause.


Be sure to keep an eye on the progress bar as you record, it shows how much time you have left.


Finished filming? Tap next to share it with your friends on Vine, Twitter and also Facebook.


Tips for filming

Ian Padgham has some handy tips for anyone looking to go further with Vine.


VineLiveTile_4800x2400Use a tripod

This is especially helpful when filming stop motion videos. There are a number of tripods available on the market that are designed to hold a smartphone. The Nokia Lumia 1020 also has a Nokia Camera Grip accessory.

Use plenty of light

Filming in the dark won’t give you the same results as filming in the light. More light means better visibility for your viewing audience.


Take your time

Don’t just film something and upload it instantly; take your time with it. Pause the video and take a creative break. When you’re ready, go back into Vine and carry on.

Train your tap

Don’t tab down on the screen too hard, practice doing it gently. The harder the tap, the more phone shake you’ll encounter which will certainly be noticeable in a stop motion video.

Use earphones with a built in mic for better audio

Plug earphones with a mic into your phone when making a Vine video, as audio will be included in the final video.


Review before posting

Once you’ve finished your Vine video it’s worth reviewing before you share it with the world. This will save you having to delete it later if you realize you don’t like it.


Download Vine today on your Nokia Lumia and create your own short movies.


Have you downloaded Vine? What do you think of it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Better still, do it in a Vine.



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