Opera Releases Its Android Web Browser for Tablets

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opera-18-for-android-off-roadOpera has released, Opera 18, an updated version of its web browser for Android tablets.

The firm says the full-featured Opera for Android browser is the go-to choice for easy access thousands of websites via Android tablets. Opera for Android tablet version has been tailored for great user experience to the tablet form factor and is so different from the smartphone or desktop browser.

Johan Schön, SVP for Mobile Consumer Browsers, Opera Software said, “The size of devices and mindset of users make the tablet very different from its smaller cousin, the smartphone, and we have to respect that. In Opera 18 for Android, we have spent hours and hours tweaking, and fiddling with the placement of, even the most minute detail, just to get that top tablet feel”.

Schön adds that its user interface is meticulously planned and the menu page is conveniently located for users fingers to naturally rest while using a tablet and also enables easy access to functions. Some of the features include Discover, which  is a one-stop shop for news, sports and interesting feature stories. The Off-Road mode lets users go online in rough conditions, such as a crowded, free Wi-Fi hotspot in a café, and saves users money while roaming with their data plans by compressing the data traffic, while the Speed Dial feature allows one to easily to add, organize and access their most frequently visited webpages.

Opera 18 is part of the Opera browser lineup with full-fledged Opera browsers for Windows, Mac and Android and is now available for download from Google Play or m.opera.com.

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