Now You can Stream Video Even with Low Bandwidth

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Mobile video. Hi-res digitally generated image.

A new research spearheaded by researchers from University of Cape Town has revealed that mobile users could stream video even with low bandwidth, extending the mobile video reach to many.

The new technology termed Adaptive Real-Time Internet Streaming Technology (Artist), uses algorithms that make video streaming on mobile phones unbroken even with low bandwidth access.

This would be a major shift in mobile use in Africa where most regions do not have high speed internet to support video streaming.

“Our aim was to find the balance between complete blockage due to congestion and acceptable picture/video quality in order to lessen the disruption to the viewing experience of the user,” says Emeritus Professor Gerhard de Jager.

This technology could also open doors to industries such as movie, television and video on demand services. ELearning could also benefit from easy video streaming.

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