IBAKA TV set to debut plug and play internet TV in Nigeria

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iBAKA TVNigeria’s online television channel, iBaka TV has expressed its readiness to debut plug and play internet TV in Nigeria. In an exclusive chat, Ola Ajibola, the company’s head of creative and digital marketing said discussions are currently underway with the company’s foreign partners.

He said: “We are at the fore front of launching the first plug and play internet TV in Nigeria. Currently we are still doing underground work with our foreign partners.”

He also revealed that the company has carried out a rebranding of its platform and is showcasing some most sought after movies produced in the Nigerian movie industry popular called Nollywood.

“We just rebranded our site and showcased nollywood most sought after movies like Last Flight To Abuja, 2 Brides And A Baby, Lekki Wives; all of which have made remarkable landmarks,” he said.

The IBAKA TV is an online television channel from the heart of Africa that showcases African contents and entertainment in all its fullness and facet. On the platform, visitors can watch their favorite stars in the latest and historic Nollywood movies; they can also watch movies produced in other African countries including Ghana. There are movies in several Nigerian languages on the platform in addition to musical videos and comedy shows.

Among its users, IBAKA TV is generally a free alternative to IROKO TV as long as users have internet access with fast speed.

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