Huawei Partners With Ethio-Telcom And ZTE To Provide Addis Ababa With 4G Internet

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Huawei Technologies, Ethio-Telcom and ZTE have made a $1.6 billion deal to run an eight month project to prop local internet connectivity in Ethiopia.

To start this project off the partnership is looking to give Addis Ababa the 4G internet  connection which will be implemented by Huawei. This will form a crucial part of the joint venture to expand mobile phone infrastructure nationally.

Ethio Telecom’s Head of Communications, Abdurahim Ahmed had this to say: “In terms of allocation, Huawei will be responsible for the expansion of 4G in Addis Ababa, including other mobile services the 2G, 3G, IP and the like.”

If this program succeeds, the country will have an increase in the number of mobile subscribers as well as an enhancement of the existing 3G service.

Earlier in the month of August, the acting CEO of Ethio Telecom, Andualem Admassive told the country’s local media that the project was important in contributing in efforts to increase telecommunications service access and coverage nationally.

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