Subscribers Threaten Airtel Nigeria Over Decision on Blackberry Subscription

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airtel (1)Paul ADEPOJU

Telecoms subscribers in Nigeria have threatened to abandon Airtel Nigeria over its decision to stop allowing users of internet modems, Android devices and other devices that are not manufactured by Blackberry to use its various Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) plans.

Prior to the announcement, Airtel Nigeria was the only network in Nigeria that allowed internet users to make use of its affordable BIS plans on various types of devices after MTN and Globacom Nigeria had stopped allowing their subscribers to use the tweak.

With the blockage on MTN and Globacom, subscribers that were interested in the cheap data plan bought Airtel lines. But with the latest development, the subscribers are issuing threats on the various social media platforms in Nigeria.

On, Nigeria’s most visited website and social media platform, visitors said the network would record great reduction in the number of its subscribers.

“Whoever gave them the idea would definitely be fired after we’ve abandoned their network,” an anonymous subscriber posted on Nairaland.

Another said the network seemed to forget that it only recorded increase in the number of subscribers when Nigerian telecoms subscribers saw that the network did not restrict its BIS plans to Blackberry devices.

“Are they trying to tell us that they were just getting to know that many subscribers are using the BIS plans on non-Blackberry devices? This will be their downfall in Nigeria. We will use them as lesson for other networks who think they can mess with the subscribers and go unscathed,” Kolawole said.

Other users however welcome the development saying it would help in improving the service of the telecoms company.

Saheed said: “It’s high time they sent those cheating the system away from the network. If they are all leave the network, those remaining would be able to enjoy improve and faster service.”

Comparatively, Blackberry users in Nigeria pay less for data compared to users of Android and other devices. While a monthly subscription costs NGN1,000 for 3GB of data, other mobile users spend as high as NGN3,000 for just 1.5GB of data.

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