Online platform offers visitors free and confidential access to reliable health information

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Chibuike Alagboso, the co-founder of, Africa’s leading online platform for health news, has revealed that the media platform is bridging the gap between health professionals and individuals without any form of medical training.

In an exclusive chat, he said the platform was set up to provide visitors with sufficient information that would enable them to take informed and correct medical decisions.

“The goal is to help bridge the enormous gap that exists between health professionals and individuals without any form of medical training. enables them to take informed and correct medical decisions whenever the need arises,” Alagboso said.

Already, he said the platform has helped in raising the level of health consciousness and awareness among its thousands of daily visitors from across the world.

He said: “We have been able to raise the level of awareness among our diverse readers who are not restricted to Nigeria or Africa; in fact, we get thousands of visitors daily in USA, United Kingdom, China, Ukraine, India, Canada, Australia and several other foreign lands.”

For the health professionals, he said the platform is offering them access to the latest medical researches as well as helping them with professional development through partnerships with various local and international conference organizers.

“Various health professionals have been able to get continuing professional development (CPD) through our platform; also, many of them have attended international conferences and symposia as a result of our working partnership with organizers of highly revered conferences and exhibitions such as Medic West Africa, Africa Health Conference & Exhibition holding in South Africa, Africa Healthcare Summit holding in London, and the International Conference and Exhibition on Pathology holding in San Antonio, USA,” he said.

On the choice of internet as the medium of choice for disseminating confidential health information, he said the reach and potentials of the internet are immense and limitless.

He said: “The internet is no doubt the best place because of its limitless reach and potential as people tend to turn to the internet daily to find answers to their everyday questions.

“The internet is a good platform because people can easily obtain information without having to contend with the challenge of confidentiality.”

On why the platform is also attracting visitors from countries where citizens don’t speak English language, he said technology allows translation into their native language.

“English has always been a universally accepted language and that is the language of choice on our website. But with increasing sophistication in technology, and introduction of translators, language is no longer a barrier as our readers can translate our pages and the entire website to their desire language,” Alagboso said.

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