Intel Shark Tank Interested In Kenya’s Mobile App Development

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SHARK TANKiHUB in conjunction with Intel held an event that brought together creators and investors creating a platform for mobile app developers sell their ideas to the public.

The Intel Shark Tank hosted a panel of judges to go over Nairobi’s most interesting new apps that have not undergone major tech competition circuit, which the sharks might be interested in and probably fund basing on quality, relevance and creativity

Three out of the eight app developers walked away with prizes with the rest earning beneficial advice and constructive criticism as well from the judges.

Mile press neighborhood broadcast was among the newly developed apps that links people around ones vicinity or even further once signed up, with 180 locations in both Nairobi and Mombasa, the web based app allows use of name of choice just like other social media platforms in case of privacy need.

Jarida kiosk to be launched mid January seeking to take away the norm of newspaper purchasing which has to be from a certain location will provide a web based platform that will allow access from anywhere posing as a second solution from hardcopies.

Deck an entertainment app for music mixing purposes, altering, audio and effect adding with both single and double deck, safari tales world’s first mobile app for African stories also pitched.

1st runners up Election thief from university of games is an app that addresses issues surrounding Kenyan elections; voter education and violence. 2nd runners up went to Tichaa an app that provides swahili education for children aged 3-9 using picture puzzles.

Finally the event’s winner went to Simiyu the Chicken a game app for all ages with 40 levels and five power ups, the IQ jogger has different versions; paid, free and web version creating platform for all audiences to access.  Walking away with Galaxy tab 3, the duo also received a $5000 marketing package.

Intel works with local software developers countrywide provide expertise advice, technical support and market incentives as well.

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