ProcessOn Makes Creating Diagrams & Online Team Collaboration Awesome

Mia Su
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processon-865x558By Mia Su, ProcessOn

ProcessOn is a new web diagram platform that offers an intuitive way to create diagrams and collaborate with others. Unlike other digramming service in the marketing, the novelty of ProcessOn brings about a new diagramming experience.

The free visual web-based diagram designer-ProcessOn,  makes it easy to draw diagrams, flowcharts, UML, org charts and other diagrams in the browser. Work together with an unlimited number of team members or clients to create and edit diagrams in real time. Support to import with Microsoft Visio.

Inspired by need for easy and intuitive diagramming needs for both professionals as well as amateurs, ProcessOn was build in June 2011 in Beijing China and launched in early 2012 by Jack Liu, the CEO of ActionSoft CO.,LTD, also the founder of CN-Java.

Mia Su
Mia Su

ProcessOn is built on HTML5 & Javascript to ensure the diagramming fluency and the feature of collaboration and share in real time.While you are collaborating and chatting with your colleagues and friends on ProcessOn,every drag every move,can be real-time synchronized to the ends of your collaborators. This feature is now widely used among enterprises,teams as well as teachers.

The platform capitalizes on built-in features such as malware protection and ultra fast loading times. It also has a built-in social network making it easy for users to follow the professionals, share work, discuss the updated news in one’s specific field, build the reputation, all while improve the social efforts.

The intelligent diagram designer has a simple and clean interface which is also easy to use to allow users draw industry-standard shapes, arrows and icons, upload or search online to insert to your diagram. The drawing guides, shape alignment and distribution tools all enable a smart diagramming.

Users can also create and access diagrams from anywhere in a collaborative way and also allows sync of one’s online and ProcessOn accounts. Now, your diagrams created online are synced across all collaborators. We also have added in-line chatting tool to avoid confusion. With ProcessOn’s in-line chatting tool you can invite all your collaborators to review, comment and update your diagram, software designs and business process easily.

Though Microsoft has taken the lead in software design with its diagram software Visio, isses of downloading and installing the software again and again to access the diagrams in different places is hectic, our platform solves this problem and for any web-based diagram.

Without need for licenses such as Microsoft Visio’s around $60 to $100,ProcessOn is open to everyone. Once you have an account, you can enjoy all the services such as unlimited diagram sources, team management, import and export service and see  diagram history revision,data attribute among others.



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