My Best TV Shows of 2013

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  1. BB Breaking Bad

This drama had secured its place in the list of all-time great TV dramas even before it began its excellent final run. But the final block of episodes contained some of Breaking Bad’s all-time best scenes. Hank and Walt’s climactic confrontation in the garage, Jesse’s realization that Walt had been the one who poisoned Brock, the deadly standoff in To’hajiilee, when Hank’s triumph over Walt was cut short by Uncle Jack. Walt’s desperate, pathetic escape to a remote cabin in New Hampshire, where he had nothing to do but sit and reflect on everything he had lost. And Walt’s final conversation with Skyler, when he finally confessed the true motive behind all his crimes: “I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was really… I was alive.”

  1. VD Vampire Diaries

When I heard there is a series about vampires, I was like “no way am I watching this”. Four seasons passed, and I was coaxed into watching an episode, I looked for the whole 4 series’ and watched within a week. Surely this is one of the best TV series I’ve watched in a while. It’s about a high school girl is torn between two vampire brothers, and though I love a good love story, I want Elena Gilbert and Stefan Salvatore to end up together, but Elena and Damon Salvatore just make a cute couple (bad boy plus good girl). So are you team #DELENA or #STELENA ?

  1. house of cards House of Cards

Instead of examining ideology or party definitions, House of Cards is a political drama about the thirst for power. David Fincher (executive producer and director of the first two episodes) loves to explore the darker sides of his movie subjects, and he’s got more time to let those unravel on TV. Kevin Spacey could carry the whole show on his shoulders as Francis Underwood, but he’s surrounded by talent. Robin Wright, who plays his wife, is a force of nature. Claire Underwood is almost as ruthless as her husband, but Wright manages to bring a sense of vulnerability to the dynamic character. And I’ve never found myself rooting for a drunk, cocaine-snorting politician like this one

  1. scandal Scandal

We could talk at length about the barrier-breaking performance by Kerry Washington, but that’s been written about here, there and everywhere. The reason I love Scandal is for the story line and the quick, smart talking. And don’t you just love Cyrus Beene, but before you leap to the comments section, allow me to explain: Olivia Pope is a great character, but despite her moral predicaments, she’s inspirational. The show’s writers rarely get through an episode without reminding us of this. Beene, on the other hand, is a TV-mirror to our darkest selves. That slippery slope which Pope manages to scale in most episodes sees Beene tumble to the base again and again. That’s relate-able, if terrifying. Cyrus gets all the best speeches. For proof, just watch him disembowel the first lady in three minutes.

  1. Nikita Nikita

I have four reasons why you should watch Nikita: Impressive fight sequences, strong female characters, the heroine has a new look and a search for home. Nikita has been given the cold shoulder by many people just because it’s not the old Nikita that was. I do recommend this TV series for those lovers of action packed programs. Maggie Q as Nikita is totally amazing, as is Michael, Alex and all the other roles. The show totally looks like a movie, not just a TV show. It’s so entertaining and addictive. I still dint understand why the program was cut short just recently airing its season finale.

  1. the americans The Americans

Centered on two Soviet sleeper agents posing as a suburban married couple during the Cold War, the show had the strongest, most assured debut season for a drama in years. The Americans packs in lots of thrilling, deftly plotted spy action and compelling, emotional family drama; one of the show’s great feats is making both sides of the Jennings’ lives equally compelling. But the key to The Americans’ success is the absolutely riveting cast, who play a collection of characters with gaping wounds.

  1. OITNB Orange is the New Black

When I first saw the adverts of Orange is the New Black, I rolled my eyes. It seemed like you could sum up the premise of the series in a single cliché: A pretty white girl ends up as a fish out of water in a dangerous environment. Thankfully, I gave the show a chance. OITNB offers one of the most innovative and dynamic cast of characters on television, and it only begins with Piper, the protagonist. In the end, it’s her fellow inmates: Taystee (Danielle Brooks), Sofia (Laverne Cox), and Yoga Jones (Constance Shulman-aka Doug’s Patty Mayonaise!) — that truly steal the show.

  1. revenge Revenge

When I watched the pilot episode, I found the series promising and I really loved it. Then, after continuing the following episodes, it took my interest. The show is dark, smart, filled with subtle humor and wise quotes. The plot is twisted and tense. Each character has an interesting story, presented in a really good way, the acting is perfect and the writing is complete. Emily Van Camp who plays the main role as Emily Thorne is just amazing! I really recommend this show to anybody. It’s always interesting, sometimes funny, dark, and mysterious. Plus you can’t help it but just love Nolan Ross

  1. person of interest2 Person of Interest

Person of Interest does not get the love it deserves. The setup is simple: A former CIA tough guy teams up with a mysterious billionaire to prevent violent crimes with the help of two cops on opposite ends of the corruption spectrum, as well as a government machine that uses spyware to determine when badness is brewing. The execution, however, is anything but simple. Over the last two and a half seasons, Person of Interest has stood as a great example of the buried potential within television’s obsession with crime procedural. While most similar shows phone in their storytelling and characterization, offering seasons full of simplistic characters and condescendingly simple storytelling, Person of Interest showcases the power of ongoing complexity. It’s not easy to forecast what will happen next and how the characters will evolve.

  1. brooklyn nine nine Brooklyn Nine Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a rare treat. On paper, a workplace comedy set at a police station starring Andy Samberg might sound like a wasted effort. This show, however, lets Samberg succeed without going overboard with his eccentricities. With the dry dialogue of Captain Ray Holt (Andre Braugher), the enthusiastic naiveté of Detective Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio), and the cold wit of Detective Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz), this is a show that has built its strengths on the talents of a great supporting cast. Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been one of the few bright lights of the fall season, and will hopefully remain on the air for years to come.


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