Alcatel-Lucent And LITC Install The Fiber Optic Cables In Lybia

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Lybia’s  is about to join the super fast internet connection club, as Alcatel-Lucent and Libyan International Company (LITC) have signed a contract to build a new 1000 km undersea cable system which will connect Tripoli to Benghazi.

Based on Alcatel-Lucent‘s 100G technology and a cable optimized with coherent submarine fiber, the system will ultimately carry capacity of up to 10Tbps per fiber pair and is expected to be ready for completion mid of 2015.

“Broadband connectivity is a major growth opportunity for the foreseeable future and the development of a robust telecommunication infrastructure is vital. With the help of Alcatel-Lucent, our newsubmarine cable system promises a significant contribution the overall developments that are being undertaken to improve standard of living for Libyans,” said Dr Mohmoud Aujali, chairman of LITC.

This development will see the country’s network provide broadband connectivity to support the Libyan economy. The LITC expects the cable system to play a critical role in the reconstruction Libya’s telecom infrastructure improving the levels of connectivity and communication reliability needed for business, public sector and consumer applications.

Philippe Dumont, president of Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks, said: “Strengthening connection with the global digital community, Alcatel-Lucent’s innovative solution will help LITC promote growth opportunities for economic, cultural and educational activities.”


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