Google Now Alerts All On Fifa 14 World Cup Updates

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Football fans not able to watch the actual Fifa 14 World Cup event this week are encouraged to sit back and relax as Google search has been updated, now showing detailed information about the matches.

Google has announced on Google+ that the World Cup beginning on Thursday, 12 June 2014, will be updating match schedules, group information to mention a few activities that the match has to offer.

Thus, fans can Google-search with the key words “world cup” and get to see updates on the upcoming daily match schedule, such as that of Brazil vs. Croatia on Thursday, for instance. Once the matches begin, a simple search for the key words or favourite team will give you live scores, team rosters and major plays.

From today, the search feature will be now available on both the web and mobile version of Google search that would update fans on match schedules, group information and more during the world cup event

Typing “world cup” in Google search will show the date and timing of the upcoming matches and the starting time based on your location. And once the major event kicks off, users can get live score details by typing the same keywords in the field and enjoy

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