StartupLand Series: Global Premier at TheBarn in Cape Town Today

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Join the entrepreneurial community at Bandwidth Barn to be among the first in the world to view the first episode of Startup land. In partnership with the United Nations Foundation, World Bank, and UP Global.



Startupland is a documentary series, the first of its kind, that followed five founders through a startup accelerator to show what it takes to start a company, and to succeed in growing and sustaining a business. Featuring interviews with world famous founders and investors (including the founders of AOL, Blackboard, Reddit, Eventbrite, Living Social, Mapquest, Evernote, Meetup)

StartUp Land

Startupland is one long story told episodically, similar to a season of television. There are 5 main storylines, interwoven with advice and educational pieces, that will unfold over multiple episodes. Each episode will include multiple companies and stories (although not every company will appear in every episode).

Characters and their story lines will be introduced in the first episode and wrapped in the finale. The story is of five early stage tech companies on a journey through an accelerator program. Those stories are interwoven with advice and interviews with experienced entrepreneurs like Steve Case (AOL, Revolution), Esther Dyson (Angel Investor), Alexis Ohanian (Reddit, Hipmunk), Tim O’Shaughnessy (LivingSocial) and a whole lot more. The purpose is to teach entrepreneurial lessons in the context of a story. Entrepreneurs/wantrepreneurs with internet access will be inspired and empowered to bring their idea to the world, and to do so with new found knowledge and motivation from StartupLand

Startupland is going to be good for anyone involved in startups. For the beginner it will provide a good look into what it really takes to get into an accelerator program. For a startup in acceleration to seed or series A, it will show that every startup goes through similar issues. For the hardened veteran it will be both entertaining and educational.

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Event Details

Event details:
Tuesday 10 June 2014
6pm for 6h30pm – 8pm
The Bandwidth Barn 
3rd floor, Block B
Woodstock Exchange
66 Albert Road, Woodstock
+27 21 409 7000
Google Map LINK


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