Facebook, YouTube & Twitter Blocked by Iraq Government

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Isis fighters, pictured on a militant website verified by AP.The Iraq government has reportedly blocked access social media sites in the country in a move to help it combat ISIS according to a new report by the BBC.

The report says the government is blocking the networks after the Islamist insurgents took to Twitter to post a graphic image of a beheaded man and are using the sites to spread propaganda messages. Both Facebook and YouTube are concerned about the reports and are investigating the reports.

ISIS-or the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria or Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham) isa  Jihadist militant group in Iraq and Syria fighting to take over Iraq and Syria and plans to take over the Levant— Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Cyprus and Southern Turkey.

ISIS has taken over Mosul, Iraq’s second most populous city and Syria’s oil fields. The Guardian also has a piece on the sources of wealth of this militant group.

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