CEO Weekends: Vironow Wants to Enabling You to Sell Anything Online Via a Simple Link

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10358726_321183258035914_3776594849508603683_nAspiring filmmakers, Musicians, writers, designers have a reason to smile as a new innovative service, Vironow finalises to launch to allow them to earn simply by selling their songs or artwork.

Vironow, a platform for selling digital goods directly to your audience through a simple link aims to help users sell music directly to their listeners, eBooks directly to readers, and films to film fans and earn money quick directly to your account.

Founded by Okii Eli and Duncan Mugo, former Pivot East finalists with a service then callled Ecorest say Vironow will change ecommerce completely. They say Vironow will offer ITunes and Amazon combined like experience to Kenyans and make artists, writers ,designers ,software developers and musicians to earn cash from there works . They take a cut of 10% per download plus offer streaming services for videos and movies.

With undisclosed investors from Qatar, Vironow aims to facilitate creators to sell directly to their respective audience so as to promote a living by doing what they love.

“We plan to make transactions as simple and frictionless as possible. By by-passing complicated forms and pay walls, Vironow clients will send a link, and their customers purchase the digital or physical product on an immediate basis by clicking on the link, Eli told TechMoran.

“No account signup. No cumbersome approval process. You can get early access of Vironow on and be part of the winning team. You’re a twitter bigwig? Facebook Prince or Princess with mammoth fans? Start making money with Vironow soon,” he said.

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