Safaricom Denies Deal With Zetacoin

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zet1In a tweet this evening Safaricom denied any involvement or deal with Zetacoin, an open source crypto-currency based on the Bitcoin protocol contradicting our sources who had hinted of such a deal. When we contacted Safaricom months ago, the firm denied any such deal.

When we went back to our sources, they said they clearly never said they had a deal with Safaricom but only cited a telco. Now that Safaricom has said there is no such deal, we know they mean it.


TechMoran will update you on more local information as soon as it gets it.

Zetacoin features fast transaction times and fast difficulty adjustments. It claims a transaction speed 20 times faster than bitcoin and the firm even tweeted about not having not any such deal a few weeks ago even as everyone talked of such talks with a telco.


zeta1It’s so contradictory. Thousands claimed thay have invested millions into this project were waiting for Safaricom to have its licence renewed and it was. Still thousands suspected it to be a scam. But those who put in money and those who are behind it still have hope. Those who think it’s scam are not afraid to say it’s. We will speak with all parties involved and have an indepth story on this.

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