Swazilands StarCare Has Simplified Mobilize TV Data Transit Management

Ayanda Dlamini
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Ayanda Dlamini
Ayanda Dlamini


The application was only launched last year and it has manged to make an immense difference; the LGR’s StarCare mobile self-service has simplified the management of innovative new Mobilize Transit TV service.

Mobilize Transit TV is a free-to-air media channel allowing public transport commuters to watch news, sport, educational and other programming as they travel in kombis and buses. Currently, the Mobilize Transit TV network covers the main metropolitan region of Swaziland; with TVs installed in 50 buses. 100 more will be installed within the coming year.

Mobilize explains that their TV units are specially designed for use in vehicles, and use 3G connections to automatically download the day’s media playlist when the vehicle is switched on. These prepaid SIM cards are centrally managed at the Mobilize Transit TV offices using MTN Mobile SelfCare solution, powered by LGR StarCare.

MTN Mobile SelfCare allows Mobilize Transit TV to easily view airtime and data account balances on each SIM card, recharge airtime and data bundles for each SIM card and view additional subscriber attributes for each subscriber, including service class and expiry date. Deployed via either mobile app stores or web interface, SelfCare is enabling simple, efficient management of a growing pool of connected transit TVs.

Winile Lushaba, office administrator at Mobilize Transit TV, says: “It is very important for us to be able to have a view of the balances and date of expiry for each of our SIMs in our TV units, as this is used to monitor daily usage. Managing these SIM cards would have been very tedious without the MTN Mobile SelfCare tool.”

Ayanda Dlamini of LGR says: “The Mobilize Transit TV success story is illustrating how the right mobile solutions, paired with innovation relevant to the market, can support and enhance new business models across the continent.”

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