CEO Weekends: Nigeria’s E-Pump Wants to Digitize the Traditional Fuel Pump

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bannerNigeria’s E-pump wants to let petrol station owners and managers run their business on the go in move that will see them increase profitability by up to 20% and do their transactions on the go.

Now, don’t think you’ll refill your tank on the go. E-pump is a back-office tool which allows pump owners and managers to have real-time automated control over their businesses and even monitor their fuel dispensers, fuel tanks, cash receipts plus complete business reporting and intelligence system for monitoring sales, inventory, stock orders, customers, and staff for business decision making.

The cloud-based tool founded by Ayodeji Ogundiran, Gabriel Ojomu, Chidi Eze and Olayide Folorunso aims to also allow fuel buyers to get real-time alerts on their transactions plus access to digital invoices and fuel buying analyzers to help them reduce their overall spending on gas.

The real time inventory management system aims to allows station managers to run their filling station operations from their mobile Phone and also reduce revenue leakage both for the station owners and the customers and also increase operation efficiency.

The firm aims to earn revenue from advertising model and susbscription from their software and supporting hardware monthly.

E-pump features real-time forecourt component controller, remote management, reporting and analytics, hardware independent
support for multiple types of forecourt controllers and support services. The inventory management system has pump transaction management, tank transaction management, staff record, customer transaction management, customer invoicing, ability to monitor from phones and tablets. It also has online backup of all transactions, allows central administration of multiple stations from head office and automated reporting over operation and real-time pump transaction monitoring plus integration with existing ERM.

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