Samsung releases world’s most powerful mini music system in Kenya

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Samsung Electronics on Thursday launched Giga Sound MX-HS9000 — currently the most powerful mini music system — in Kenya. The release comes days after the company announced it would stop producing Plasma TV screens because of poor receptions by consumers.Samsung Giga Sound MX-HS9000

Robert Ngeru, Samsung Electronics Vice President for East and Central Africa, said the company is paying keen attention to producing excellent products with the view of ensuring customers receive maximum satisfaction from these products.

Currently, Giga Sound MX-HS9000 is the world’s most powerful mini system as it racks up 3400 Watts RMS, which can be equated to helicopter’s decibel level. The system is intended for party lovers who choose to have outdoor parties. It comes packaged with a seven-meter speaker cable.

Giga Sound MX-HS9000 system simply brings out beat lighting and DJ Beat effects. Beat Lighting effect has a lighting system that pulses and flows basing on the music beats to pattern out an ideal partying environment for revelers. At least 25 electrifying lighting patterns can be used to promote the party mood, though one can also use eight DJ Beats to mix the music according to the mood. On top of that, the Non-stop Music Relay hot key ensures continuous music without breaks in between the tracks.

To complement the nightclub atmosphere, Giga Sound MX-HS9000 system also has two 15-inch subwoofers that generate powerful sound. When bass is turned on, the two speakers greatly shake the ground as they distribute heart-pounding sound. The GIGA Beat produces a rich bass and amplifies sound without any likely distortion.

The Giga Sound MX-HS9000 can connect to the Samsung TV Series 7 and above through the TV Sound Connect. The impactful sound produced while playing music, watching a football match and movies completely transforms home entertainment into a cinema hall. Giga Sound MX-HS9000 can also operate as a Bluetooth speaker for portable devices allowing one to play music from a computer or smartphone tablet.

Samsung released two more Giga sound System models, namely MX-HS7000 and MX-HS8000, to provide customers with variety. For each purchase of any of the models, customers will receive a free 4-inch display smartphone and a Samsung Galaxy Star Plus.

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