Teraco Now Connecting Over 54 Countries to Cloud Services

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Data center - 1When it was launched two years ago, the Africa Cloud eXchange (ACX) from Teraco Data Centre Environments, nothing this big was expected apart from an ambition to give partners access to key content from local and international content providers.

Today, Teraco now provides access to 54 African countries via local and global carriers.

According to Lex van Wyk, CEO of Teraco Data Centre Environments,“The tremendous growth that Teraco Data Centre Environments has experienced in the last year, makes it a true telecommunications hub and a low risk entry point into Africa.”

With the deployment of a single cable within the data centre, Teraco can now distribute throughout Africa at low latency and high availability to serve the growing demand of ICT services due to infrastructure projects, growth in financial services and an increase in governments’ spend.

“By nature, cloud providers are continuously exploring new markets for IT services and view an increase of their overall performance as a competitive advantage.  For these companies it makes business sense to colocate at Teraco. We have a growing footprint, high network density and an excellent track record,” says Van Wyk.

ACX aims to enable clients to share and interconnect with other cloud providers and grow their product suite with a promise of lowest interconnect fees, minimising infrastructure spend and competitive solutions, security, power and facility uptime.

“The continuous growth in our client base, not only in numbers but also in quality is proof that organisations are starting to believe in the value of doing business in a vendor neutral space. They can focus on their core business and do not have to build data centre infrastructure to cater for the growing demands of their customers.”

“This year promises to remain challenging for the ICT landscape and I believe there will not only be an improvement in the quality of connectivity but more and improved technologies will be added to the telecommunication mix.” He says that cloud customers and content providers will expect more from the changing landscape, especially in terms of service, technology and choice. “Teraco encourages any organisation with an aim to build a business in Africa to colocate in the Africa Cloud eXchange. It will assist them in doing business effectively in Africa and it will be aligned with world-class service,” concludes van Wyk.

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