CEO Weekends: SkyVision links Bank of Africa to operations across Burkina Faso

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Global communications provider SkyVision Global Networks has said the execution of first phase of its project with Burkina Faso’s premier banking institution the Bank of Africa is “successful”.

The project involved implementation of a full-scale communications solution through the SkyVision VPN service that currently connects Bank of Africa headquarters in Burkina Faso’s capital Ouagadougou to the bank’s operations nationwide.

Commenting on the issue, SkyVision chief Ori Watterman said the project is a critical win and milestone for SkyVision, adding that they “welcome the opportunity of a long term partnership with BOA and highly value our business relationship and look forward to continue growing its joint business and offering solutions to the entire Bank of Africa Group.”

SkyVision has centered on enhancing connectivity in rural Africa over the last one decade. It has established several hubs and PoPs continent-wide to deliver quality information and communications services.

In a statement, SkyVision indicated that the joint solution includes a Romantis UHP hub and SkyVision VPN, a VSAT-based communications solution that provides organizations with superior network performance and reliability.

The advanced technology that drives SkyVision VPN provides customers with enhanced flexibility, enabling reliable control and system management across immense remote areas, such as those in Burkina Faso, according to SkyVision.

SkyVision VPN is managed by SkyVision. It is currently regarded among Africa’s “solutions of choice,” delivering superior connectivity at a minimum cost.

Bank of Africa centre in Ouagadougou will host the Romantis hub, set to converge to the remote bank’s operations as well as operate in a fully autonomous environment dedicated strictly to BOA sites.

SkyVision commented that this allows them “to connect their remote branch offices and quickly and efficiently, share information by means of voice and data applications, with no investment in additional infrastructure. Combined, the end-to-end solution meets BOA’s communications’ needs, including a full disaster recovery plan.”

“In Africa, and in particular, Burkina Faso, reliable communications is mandatory to our business and one of our highest priorities. It is for this reason that we turned to SkyVision to deliver the most trustworthy and efficient connectivity solution on the market to ensure our daily operations run smoothly and securely. We have every confidence in their ability to meet and exceed our needs and to partner with us into the second phase of this important project.” said Toni Sebastien, CEO of SkyVision Burkina Faso.


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