Easy Taxi Nigeria Hits One Year

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Easy Taxi Quest - Rolling the diceEasy Taxi, Nigeria recently turned one since its launch in Lagos Nigeria, enabling users to book a taxi from the comfort of their homes, offices or diverse locations.

Bankole Cardoso, the CEO of Easy Taxi Nigeria said “We are very proud of what we have accomplished within a year of operations in Nigeria. And although we’ve had our fair share of challenges, we’ve also made a huge impact and progress since inception. This wouldn’t have been possible without our loyal users; it’s been an amazing year indeed.”

The smartphone application aims to raise the bar and take on its competitors as the foremost taxi hailing service in the country with its constant user friendly updates and services. The on-demand taxi service that operates through the use of a free mobile app to connect independent drivers registered to the Easy Taxi network with passengers in a smooth, easy and safe way has a hurdle to beat Uber Lagos, India’s TaxiPixi and among other local cab companies.

Easy Taxi Quest - The team + participants

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