Nigeria’s eChurch Project Wants To Grow To 5000 Branches In 6 Months

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eChurch, developed by Neo-Skill Consulting Limited, is looking to build 5000 more technology driven churches in the next six months.

With the speed at which the world is embracing technology, a research  ha confirmed that up to 40 percent of the world  in 2014  has access to internet that is about 3 million people.

Oluwaseyi Olaleye, CEO of the Company said that it was borne out of the need to see churches/ministries align themselves with the 21st century phenomenon and adjusting to the shift in ministering through education and enlightenment on the proper use of internet technologies/applications to connect and engage conversations.

The trend, Olaleye said, will further boost and drive ministries, thus having the competitive edge of reaching greater audience outside the church, who are in the corridor of cyberspace.

Olaleye said: “The world is fast changing and so is everyone and everything. Technology as we know it today is the ‘game changer’; connecting the world in one place, as the world has become a global village and the internet the village square where the convergence takes place. The internet is central to all these and opens windows of opportunities to individuals, businesses, corporations, churches etc.

He continues to say: “eChurch Project is not all about introducing and exposing ministers of God to the cyberspace, but leverage technology tools that help engage conversations on a daily basis and reaching out to their congregations out of the four walls of the church thereby creating church without walls”.

According to Pastor Toyin Onamade, resident pastor of The Vantage Church, “leadership skills of this sort will help ministers to look beyond the horizon of what they see daily, and adjust to be able to lift the horizon. This is the way to go for churches and ministries in the 21st Century. We can’t run away from this change.”

For Francis Madojemu, facilitator and pastor, Bridge Network, “Ministers and pastors should know that the world has changed and we’re not going back. I think we live in this fantasy. It will take us a little time but we still have to go forward because it is a cheaper and more efficient way to evangelise”.

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