CEO WEEKENDS: NCC to penalise Telecom Operators Sending Unsolicited SMS to Subscribers

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The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has said it will penalise Mobile Network Operators who have failed to follow its regulation on sending uncalled for messages to their subscribers a they do not give the subscribers a choice whether to receive or not making the commission intervene within the limits of its laws and regulations.

In a statement to the News Agency of Nigeria, the Director Publsms-blueic Affairs NCC said:“The issue of unsolicited messages has posed a challenge which the commission has been contending with till today.

“We have had series of meeting with the stakeholders and telecom operators on this issue; we cannot deny the fact that we had received series of complaints from subscribers; we are quite aware of it.

“We are in the process of Vast Technical Frame Work to keep track of those sending this unsolicited messages and to see that they are properly sanctioned,’’ Ojobo said.

He added that the fact that they were sent through the Internet made it difficult for them to trace the senders of the messages.

“To protect the interest of the subscribers, the NCC in the past, has been able to protect and stop unsolicited messages whose sources we were able to identify.

“Those issues I believe will be resolved very soon with the series of meetings we are having with the telecom providers.

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