Soweto to host first technology , digital conference at innovation week

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SOWETOJohannesburg’s south western township, Soweto, will host its first ever technology and digital conference dubbed Soweto Innovation Week 2015 bringing together over 400 technology and digital professionals, leaders, startups and corporates.

The conference will run from 8 April 2015 to 10 April 2015 at the acclaimed Soweto Theatre.

The 3 day conference is a collaboration between the Internet Society Gauteng Chapter and  iAfrikan in partnership with local non-profit organisation Soweto Wireless User Group.

Each day of the event will have a different theme with various speakers and events among these Internet Governance, Technology for Economic Development and Digital Broadcasting

Soweto Innovation Week 2015 will serve as a platform for an exciting new generation of entrepreneurs, thinkers and leaders at the cross section of technology and innovation.

“The innovation economy in the South Africa has emerged as one of the leading drivers for job creation, wealth creation and overall economic productivity. In order for South Africa to remain a leader in the global economy it is critical that all of its citizens are effectively positioned to compete and profit.

Historically disadvantaged communities, the youth and women are not participating in the technology industry at anywhere near the levels of other South African communities,”said Gabriel Ramokotjo, President of Internet Society Gauteng Chapter

Registration to attend the event will open in the first week of March. Currently those interested can visit the website and sign-up to be notified as soon as registration opens and to keep up to date with further announcements regarding the program and speakers.

“It is imperative that we not only talk about uplifting communities but do something about it. Soweto Innovation Week is about, among other things, bringing the knowledge, inspiration and education about innovation and technology to the people of Soweto and Johannesburg.

The future of South Africa hinges on job creation and these jobs are more likely to come out of startups and in our case tech startups given their ability to scale. Technology, when used for social good or in business, has the power to liberate people politically or economically

We aim to arm people with the knowledge, inspiration and skills to liberate themselves,” said Tefo Mohapi, Co-Founder of iAfrikan

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