SimplePay’s COO Rich Tanksley Steps Down | Joins Ringiers’s as CEO

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simpeSimplePay’s Chief Operating Officer Rich Tanksley will be stepping down from his role as COO and will become a member of the SimplePay Advisory Board.

Mr. Tanksley joined SimplePay in June of 2014 on behalf of Seedstars, a Swiss venture builder that is providing funding for SimplePay. His role was to put in place operational systems and processes that would allow SimplePay to scale massively. With these things now in place, Mr. Tanksley’s day-to-day role at SimplePay is complete.

“We are grateful to the contributions that Rich has made to SimplePay,” said Founder and CEO, Simeon Ononobi, “He really put in an amazing operational infrastructure that will help us take SimplePay to the next level. We are happy to still have him around in an advisory capacity”

To replace Mr. Rich Tanksley, SimplePay is adding a new senior International team from Geneva as vice presidents for products, finance and development. Their details will be released shortly.

Mr. Tanksley has joined Pulse, a division of Swiss media giant Ringier, as Head of Pulse Nigeria. SimplePay has web and mobile applications that allow users and merchants to make and receive purchases or fund transfers instantly. SimplePay was founded in 2013 by Simeon Ononobi. In 2014, SimplePay received funding from Seedstars, a Swiss-based venture builder.

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