How PayPal Invoicing Works

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hero-Paypal-670x350Juma Ahmed is a sculptor based in Mombasa  Kenya. He makes around 20 to 30 medium sized sculptures in a month to a growing clientel base in his homw town.

For years, Ahmed turned down international orders from his website because he didn’t know how he could recieve payments. Then when he was about to give up, a friend introduced him to PayPal, the global online payments platform. However, after short use, he realized he couldn’t invoice his clients who were oversees and depended on their kindness to pay him. He also had no proper business records of his international payments.

Due to his little knowledge of PayPal, Ahmed began using some online invoicing softwares which had no connection to PayPal, his sole international transaction method.

Ahmed is not alone. Unknown to thousands of local merchants in Africa, PayPal has great invoicing tools for both individuals and merchants who demand to be paid online via its system. Apart from the PayPal Request Money notification, which allows PayPal users to quickly send an email request for payments from people who owe them, PayPal has a professional invoicing service dubbed PayPal Invoicing.

payinvPayPal Invoicing is a full-feature invoicing tool that allows users to create and send invoices to their clients from inside their PayPal accounts.  The invoices only need users to login into their standard PayPal accounts, head to the Request Money button then click on the Create an Invoice button which also shows a user their user invoicing history.

Because you are already a PayPal user, your address is already determined and all you need is to add in your logo if you want, then determine the invoice number if you’re new then set up a due date and your payment terms. You can also list the items you sold to them with a huge description of what the items were, the goods price and condition and tax if need be.

Depending on your need or urgency, you can either preview the invoice then email it there and then or save it for later use or for duplication incase you have similar clients. Others might choose to print the invoice for record keeping offline.

Whether you are running a small business, you are an online merchant, individual artists or lawyer, PayPal Invocing is good for you. You can use it on either an ecommerce site, web design and travel site, and an artists, doctors or lawyers or contractors portfolio for both digital content or services online or offline.

Get paid faster

Having a PayPal invoice helps you to get paid faster as it allows customers to pay with the click of a button, even if they don’t have a PayPal account. As a merchant, all they need is to email an invoice to the buyer, enter the job done and how much it cost, then preview the invoice and hit send.

PayPal delivers it and sends an email notification to the seller when it’s paid and the money will be in the PayPal account right away. The service is more secure, convenient and fast and merchants only pay a 3.4% + 0.3$ per domestic invoice transaction when the buyer pays. No monthly fees, cancellation fees or any other hidden fees.

This service is enjoyed by over 162 million users globally, don’t be left out!

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