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As soon as you get bitten by the slot playing bug, you are always going to want to try your luck playing slot games in any playing environment, and whilst there are of course many land-based venues in which you will always be able to access and play slot machines, most players love nothing more than playing them online.

In fact, it is now not only possible to play slots online, but many casino sites also offer their players a state-of-the-art mobile casino app too, in which all manner of different and potentially very high paying slot games can be accessed and played.

But when it comes to switching over to playing slots in either of those two environments for the very first time, players really do need to do their research to discover which slots are going to be ticking all of the right boxes on their checklist of wants and demands, and as such I have found a brand new website that will certainly allow you to do that.

That website is the SOS Game – School Of Slots site which has just gone live, and it is true to say their large and very experienced team of slot players have certainly been very busy over the last few months compiling a huge array of different slot playing guides, articles, news stories and reviews, and below I will run through what else you are going to find on offer at that website too.

Slot Game Pay-Out Percentages Revealed

The days of when you are never going to know just what the winning chances are when you play online or mobile slot machines in a real money playing environment are long gone, for slot players do have access to a wealth of very valuable slot game information these days.

However, there are always going to be slot machines that you may like the look of and fancy playing with your own hard-earned cash, but some of those slot machines may not be the very best ones to play.

The long term expected pay-out percentages of all slot machines can and will vary, and if you ever do make the mistake of playing an online or mobile slot game on which a very low long term RTP has been set, then you will find your bankroll and slot playing budget isn’t going to last you very long playing that slot.

The SOS Game website has ensured that on every single one of their many thousands of slot game reviews players are going to instantly discover just how high or just how low the designers of those slots has set the pay-out percentages, so it is important you look up that information and then only play the much higher paying slots!

You are also going to be able to discover the stake levels that each slot can also be played for too and just how many pay-lines each slot game is going to be offering you and the value of any jackpots too on all slots they have reviewed also.

More Bonuses for Slot Players

Playing slot games with your own funds is of course something that you are always going to be able to do no matter at which casino site you sign up to and play at.

However, there is a lot to be said about making full use of the many exclusive and very high valued bonus offers that are always going to be showcased to you at the SOS Game site, and those bonuses and promotional offers are available from their top-rated casino sites.

It does of course go without saying that their website visitors are based in all four corners of the globe, and as such one handy feature that you will find on their site is that they have listed casinos that offer different currency options and also a range of different deposit options too, which will make finding a casino suitable to you and wherever it is you live and absolute breeze.

Keep in mind though that as every single casino site they have chosen to review and showcase to their website visitors will be fully licensed and regulated that means you are always going to be able to play at those sites with complete confidence that their slot games are fair and random.

I would also encourage you to take a look at the comp club schemes available at their top rated casino sites too, as they are some of the more rewarding ones you will have access to online and that in turn will ensure that you are always going to be earning valuable comp points when playing which can then be exchanged and redeemed for even more slot playing credits.

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