How to keep your kids active during the lockdown

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This pandemic has affected the lives of people in so many ways and it has become really difficult for everyone to survive.

It has not just affected the lives of the elderly, but it has also disturbed the kids a lot because they are bound to sit at their homes and not even go outside for a minute.

Parents have all the responsibilities no matter if it is as small as giving a name like Vivek and then checking Vivek meaning to making sure that their kids are happy and doing it all good in life.

We know and we completely understand that it is not easy being a parent and it is specifically not easy doing it during this pandemic and lockdown.

Parents are worried about how they can find different activities to keep their kids busy and active so that is why we are here to the rescue.

In this article, we will tell you about some of the fun activities that you can choose for your kids to do at home, to keep them busy and active.

Start with their favorite activity:

Now what will keep the kid busy and active is a simple question but the answer to that is not very easy and parents do get confused with it.

We will just make it easy for you. Start with those activities that you think are your kids’ favorite and that you think they love to do whenever they get some free time.

If you think the favorite activity of your kid is to paint or draw, then give them a canvas to paint and start with it.

If you think your kids like to dance, then do that with them so that they enjoy it and also stay active. In short, always begin with something that your kids love to do so that they enjoy it and do not get bored.

Make a play area on the lawn:

If you have a lawn in your house and you are still not using it the right way, then you need to open your eyes because that is the best part of your house.

You can look on google and find different ways of how to make a play area at your own house on the lawn and you will see how easy it is.

Make a small football court, a badminton court, or whatever your kids like to play. When they will see you putting a lot of effort into it then they will definitely play it with you.

Always make sure that you are not forcing your kids into anything, but they are enjoying it so that they do not get tired.

Do not worry if you do not have a separate lawn for your kids to play in it. You can still do the same in the hall of your house.

Just move the things a little here and there and you are good to go.

Reading is a great activity:

Now, we know that in the pandemic all the kids are forced to take online classes which have ruined their capacity to read books or literally anything.

To improve this and also to make them interested in reading, make them read books and ask them questions from the book that they are reading.

Make them read it but if they do not want to do it, you can also just read it to them and just ask them to listen to you.

When they will listen to you, they will also develop an interest in it, and they would also want to read the books with you.

Ask them what kind of books or stories they would want to listen to and once you find out what they are interested in, get them the books from that genre.

This will help you keep them busy and active, and this will keep them interested in reading and learning.

Cooking is always fun:

It might not look like an appropriate activity to do with your little kids because you must be thinking that it can put them in a lot of danger but that is not true so sit back and read.

We are not asking you to make whole big meals with them or ask them to make these meals for you. This is not what you need to do or not what we are suggesting.

Just make small things for them or ask them to make for you and then you can enjoy those with your kids.

You can cook little things with them like brownies etc. Ask them to mix things in the batter and then bake it with them.

This way you will both enjoy, and your kids will also stay active and happy. This is one good activity to do with your kids.

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