Pros and cons of the internet

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Technology has advanced too much, and it has literally just taken over the world and there is nothing these days that is not available on the internet.

It has given people access to everything in the world be it education, or shopping, or anything. You name it and we will find it on the internet.

These things have become very common too because everybody in the world no matter where they are sitting has an internet and they can do whatever they want with it so yes.

The Internet has made life very easy and it has made things just a click away and we are happy that people are getting a lot of help through it.

But we know that things that come with benefits have losses because nothing in this world is completely flawless and nothing in this world is just full of flaws.

Everything that has pros comes with cons and that is what makes everything special. This is exactly what we are going to discuss in this article, i.e. the pros and cons of the internet.

We will get to know both sides of the internet to understand it better.

Pros of the internet:

Firstly, we will discuss the pros of the internet as we should so let’s begin with it.

Brings opportunities:

We will start with one of the biggest pros of the internet which is that the internet has given a lot of opportunities to people and nobody can deny this fact.

People are able to earn a lot through the internet and everybody has become able to earn a lot by using it in different ways.

People have become influencers, people have become freelancers, people have started their own online businesses be it a jewelry business or a food stall.

The Internet has made it slightly easy for people to earn while they are sitting at home and it should definitely be considered as the biggest opportunity.

People can now even get an education online be it schooling or Islamic education from different places like the online Quran academy in the USA.

This is and should be considered to be the biggest platform where people are able to work and then earn through and it has increased so many opportunities for the people.

You can stay connected through it:

When we look at the people in the past times, we will always find out that it was very difficult for them to stay in touch because they had no mediums for that.

People used to communicate through letters because they did not have any other options and the letters were received after so many months.

Now when everyone has the availability of internet it has become very easy to connect with everybody and internet has also helped people bond with each other more than how it used to be in the past.


With pros come the cons. So, we will discuss the cons of the internet now.

Addiction to it:

One of the biggest problems that come with the internet is its addiction and it should be considered as a disadvantage that sometimes even surpasses its pros.

Internet addiction is a very serious thing and it is always one of the biggest problems because people have used the internet in a very bad way.

You might know about it or you might not, but the internet has made many people mentally paralyzed and there are people who spend their days and night on it be it using social media apps or just spending time on gaming.

There are also a lot of people who are using the internet to spread a lot of negativity and bad stuff through it and it should definitely be looked at.

Parents should keep a check on their children when they are using the internet to avoid this problem from increasing and ruining lives.

Mental health issues:

People still do not believe this, but the internet has definitely started to cause a lot of problems with the mental health of people and it is only decreasing day by day.

For example, sometimes we are using the internet we want something and then if we see somebody having it, we start to feel depressed and we start facing a lot of problems with it.

Similarly, people start to get into a competition, and then they eventually start to play with their mental health, and it is a major problem.

Spending half of your day on the internet in any way is harmful and it is for sure causing a lot of problems for the people.

The solution to it is that parents should always keep a check on their children and they should look after what their kids are doing to save them from this problem.

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