Why Do Businesses Need to Implement an Effective Marketing System?

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Marketing System Operations For Your Business

A marketing system is any structured system enabling many buyers and sellers to reach a common set of goals: allowing buyers and sellers to interact with each other and make transactions, which ultimately affect the market. For example, if I am a buyer looking for a new car, I would be well advised to start my search in a number of different dealerships, with different websites offering various deals. However, I would also do well to follow some tips to help me find the most suitable dealership to purchase the vehicle from. 

Some of the key components involved in a marketing system include: marketing the message, building the audience, directing the message, creating the environment, and providing feedback to the audience. We shall now look at these four processes in turn. The first step is to identify the marketing messages that need to be made known to the target audience.

Using social media sites is one such example of an effective marketing system that I recently observed. Third party social media platforms are used to effectively scale up social media marketing systems. For instance, if you are marketing on Instagram, such services can grow your Instagram following rapidly in only a short amount of time.

A team of consultants made use of Facebook and Twitter to market their property and gain leads.They posted links to their listings on these popular networking sites. These prospects were then contacted by phone or email. Some of these leads formed the basis of their being subsequently used for further negotiations. In addition to this strategy being easily scalable, it is also very cost-effective, with little investment required upfront.

A similar strategy was put in place using YouTube as another means to promote the listing. This time, the YouTube videos were uploaded along with the promotional text. Again, this tactic proved to be highly effective as it allowed the property/listing to be exposed to a greater audience. As a result, it enabled the property/listing to generate higher sales.

As mentioned before, we need to have a comprehensive marketing strategy in place before any marketing actions can be launched. So, it would make sense to start with a marketing system that is capable of generating targeted leads and at the same time can provide effective marketing opportunities for business development. Many people fail to identify this critical aspect when it comes to developing an effective marketing system. This is something that has to be strongly considered.

An example of such a hybrid marketing system that I recently witnessed is provided by Live Events Mobile. This company operates as a platform for mobile customers, allowing them to engage with live events. Using this service, the customer segments can be segmented according to location, age, gender, and interest groups. The events can be viewed through a mobile app, web browsing, or social media marketing.

Another example of an effective marketing system is provided by Marketo. They provide a hosted software application that streamlines multiple business functions, including lead generation, follow-up, and account management. Their core function is to provide customers with the tools to manage their accounts while providing detailed performance reports. This marketing implementation will save the company a considerable amount of money due to the reduction of internal resources required for managing accounts and marketing campaigns.

So, I believe that businesses must consider a range of factors to develop an effective marketing system. I believe that most businesses fail to identify their key competitive advantages, and as a result, they neglect developing a strong vertical marketing system. The above examples provide some great alternatives and if followed correctly, provide a solid foundation for developing powerful and profitable businesses.

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