LG to satisfy Apple demand by producing more OLED Screens

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LG, the Korean tech giant, is a brand that smartphone manufacturers should watch out for. At the moment, the manufacturer is planning to acknowledge further its capacity of producing more OLED displays. Its main objective is to make more of these screen standards without constraints, especially for future iPads.

Thome, a Chinese site, has stated in writing that for LG to meet the OLED display production, the company would have to invest a total of at least 2,81 billion. The project would mainly aim to present the company as a solid alternative to Samsung Display from Apple, to supply OLED slabs with small diagonals. According to persistent rumours, the Cupertino firm intends to adopt more widely OLED screens for its devices.

OLED on iPad?

If the Mini – LED technology currently seems fashionable at Apple (it is used on the Pro Display XDR, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and could also be used on the new MacBook Pro M1X, expected in the coming months), the firm plans to use OLED more willingly, especially for its high-end iPads, by 2023.

This decision could be motivated by the blooming (white halo effect around some content) observed on Mini-LED screens. A display problem was incredibly annoying for creatives and the pickiest users, which Apple would nevertheless like to solve with OLED. We learn from WCCFTech that the brand would already test prototypes of iPad with OLED screens.

A significant investment for LG

For Apple, the preparations of LG, which wants to increase its production capacity for OLED screens, are good news, although this project would not be fully finalized until March 2024, according to some reports.

Indeed, if Samsung should logically remain Apple’s leading supplier in terms of OLED slabs, having other alternatives will allow the Californian giant to play the competition to obtain more exciting prices. It remains to be seen if the thing would affect the price of iPads at the end of the chain. Given Apple’s habits on this point, the hope of seeing the price of its future high-end tablets drop is slim.

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